Deadly Trails #1

Publisher: BlackBox Comics

Writer: Carmen Guasco
Art: Rodrigo Rocha
Colors: Carlos López
Lettering: Leo McGovern
Cover Artist (A): Rodrigo Rocha

Diamond Order Code (Cvr A): JUN241511

A dark gloom overshadows the town of Bannack where the clouds seem to be an omen of death. Recently deceased but no longer among the dead, Clay is back and out for vengeance.

Coming August 28th, 2024!

PREVIEW (Pages 1-7):

Can I Scream?

Can I Scream? - published by Keenspot

Written by Jonathan Hedrick (Quicksand, Capable)

Pencils/Inks by Francesca Fantini (Stake, Artemis & The Assassin)

Colors by Ruben Curto (Dream Master)

Letters/Logo Design by Leo McGovern

 “Can I Scream?” is a 32-page one-shot supernatural thriller. Anne O’Bryan is trying to protect her 11-year-old son, Thomas, who has an ability to emit a deadly scream. To stay ahead of the secret government organization that is trying to find them, Anne and Thomas move from one town to the next, never staying too long anywhere. They live off the grid and assume fake identities when needed. Against her better judgment, Ann enrolls Thomas into a public school where his secret slips. This catches the attention of a covert team who wants the young boy for their own corrupt use. 

Available Now! 2nd Print Coming August '24!

PREVIEW (Pages 1-6):


Spillblood - Funded on Kickstarter

Written by Jonathan Hedrick (Quicksand, Capable)

Artwork by Stefano Cardoselli (Don't Spit In The Wind)

Letters/Logo Design by Leo McGovern

Spillblood is an outlaw comic for those who hate those who hurt others. Live vicariously as this man (spirit?) of vengeance evens the odds for those who need it most. 

Kickstarter fulfilled!

News on Direct Market Edition coming soon!

PREVIEW (Pages 1-6):

StarFell: Day One

StarFell - published by StarFell Studios

Written by Mike Uhlir

Pencils/Inks by Lucas Assis

Colors by Gui Sabino & Taiky M (Flatts)

Letters (Issue #3 & TPB Remaster) by Leo McGovern

Kickstarter Coming Soon for Day One TPB

Stranger Things meets The Goonies in this madcap series set in Alabama! A group of disparate kids and teens in the small town of StarFell must band together and defend themselves against the wrath wrought upon them by a conspiracy centered around a long-ago crashed rock from space.

Coming in 2024!

PREVIEW (Pages 1-6):

Atticus & The Magical Pillow Fort

Atticus & The Magical Pillow Fort - published by Jonathan Hedrick on GlobalComix

Written by Jonathan Hedrick (Quicksand, Capable)

Artwork by  Debora Lancianese

Colors by Ansori Ichsan

Letters/Logo Design by Leo McGovern

 One rainy day, a little boy named Atticus is stuck inside the house with his grandmother. Nearly bored to tears after maxing out his daily allotted screen time, Atticus builds a pillow fort in the middle of the living room. Before he enters the structure, his grandmother hands him a scavenger hunt on a folded piece of paper. She tells young Atticus that he must find all the items on the list before he can return. Atticus accepts the challenge and dives in! But, soon after he crawls inside the pillow fort, he quickly realizes that there’s something very different on the other side.

Issue #1 Available NOW on GlobalComix!

PREVIEW (Pages 1-6):

Coming Soon:

Sinless Society


Created by Robbie Burnham

Written by Isaac Cannon

Artwork by  Marcelo Santana

Letters/Logo Design by Leo McGovern

 Superhero action in that RetroLand fashion! For fans of G.I. Joe and '90s comics. 

Abracadabra (Short Story)

Abracadabra - published by Jonathan Hedrick on GlobalComix

Written by Jonathan Hedrick (Quicksand, Capable)

Artwork by  Alex Guenther

Colors by Verónica R. López  

Letters by Leo McGovern

A bullied boy with a speech impediment evens the odds at school, with the help of Grandpa's special gift-- a magician's hat and wand.

Short Story Available NOW on GlobalComix!

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